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About Our Website Audits

In today's digital climate, conducting website audit is something that can benefit any type of business looking to increase one’s online presence. A site audit can help identify problems through website architecture, and as such, sites learn which areas need improvement in terms of technical site performance.

So, how does it exactly work? A website will allow examination over web page performances surrounding large-scale SEO. Through a website audit, you are able to see if your site is completely optimized and reached its traffic goals. Website audits remain an essential step in making sure your site remains and follows the right path. The auditing process normally includes:

UX (User Experience)
User engagement
Site health
Overall performance

A thorough website audit helps discover site inconsistencies that can provoke penalties from Google, and these 'penalties' heavily influence site ranking on Google's SERP. Additionally, an audit can also assess site vulnerability to security breaches.

If your website has never undergone a proper checkup, now would be a good time to do it. That being said, this article will discuss in length website auditing

What are The Services We Provide?

Free Website Audit Reports

If you're willing to meet our team of great expertise in auditing, we can provide a free audit consultation and a performance review of your website. Our goal is to aid you in understanding the ins & outs of your site better, which in turn will offer a better idea of redesigning your site for increased optimization.

After auditing, we develop a comprehensive audit report and suggest the kind of solutions your website requires to climb up the list of search engines.

Analyze Sites

Our team ensures your site goes through a comprehensive rundown to understand the final audit results better. We do this with the aim to look through every element of your site and see if it requires any improvements that can boost or increase the site's usability.

Our ultimate goal is to have the customers understand the type of elements & content you put on the site and to check if it matches a user-friendly interface or not.

Here's an idea of how our website analysis operation goes about:

1. We ensure to detect & identify potential SEO problems that may cause your site to lose traffic.

2. Our panel of expert members analyze the website design & usability to guarantee a user-friendly site.  

3. Our team then runs your website's URL through a high-performing site audit tool.  

4. We then proceed to troubleshoot technical errors.

5. Our team of copywriters then go through the website's content and report back if any content is found not reaching our quality level.

6. Finally, a checklist of every issue is generated, which is paired with solutions & recommendations to help optimize your site.

Comparisons Against Competitors

We want clients to gain an edge over competitors. Our website audit service offers insight into your competitor's audience and how they achieve their site rankings. 

After performing an in-depth site analysis and gathering the list of issues, we make sure to compare your performance against competitor sites to ensure you're maintaining a better performance than them.

We also provide a list containing recommendations that are effective in correcting various troubles you might be facing with your site's performance. Moreover, it can improve the efficiency & visibility of your site as well. Through our service, you can discover powerful ways to outperform your competitors in keywords, traffic, backlinks etc., courtesy of our competitive website analysis.

We Provide Keywords Suggestions

In a very similar manner to our previous service, we also make suggestions purely based on keywords that are utilized by competitor sites. As we run analysis on SEO, our team ensures relevant keywords that match your site are listed down along with keywords that offer the site with more visibility.

We go through multiple keywords across the net to develop something definitive that can instantly boost and help your site SEO.

Ranking tips to increase website performance:

Check On-Page SEO

When checking the basic on-page SEO of your website, you must try & answer these following questions.

1. Does your webpage contain a clickable or otherwise attention-grabbing title?

2. Does it come with a corresponding Meta description?

3. Is the H1 tag optimized to display the uniqueness of your page?

4. Are the included subheadings set & positioned correctly?

We Provide Keywords Suggestions

Setting up a site crawl can assist in checking certain significant issues faced by your site. You can make use of site audit tools to help complete this process much more efficiently. You'll even gain a detailed & comprehensive overview regarding the site's health & performance.

Setting up a website crawl helps you check any significant issues your website may face. You can use a site audit tool to complete this process efficiently; you will even get a detailed overview of your website's health and performance.

404 Errors

Always ensure to check your site link to check if it's working well or whether it may lead to 404 Error page. It's crucial to avoid 404s and possibly reduce them if you're encountering any, as it can increase the overall user experience and help gain users' trust. 

This is mainly because having tons of 404s often poses a great risk to user experience, leading to loss of potential users. Hence, it's important to resolve them right after your site is notified. 

Check for Duplicate/Plagiarized Content

One terrible thing that can set off Google ranking is plagiarized or duplicated content. When this thing sets off, your site begins to lose credibility & validity, especially if the content is entirely copied from another site. Hence, you can utilize plagiarism tools to make sure your site does not contain copied content.

Current Google Rankings

Open your Google browser and enter the name of your brand/business. If the first-page result does not display your site, it probably means you'll have to build further & develop your brand/business. The goal is always to have your brand/business name appear on Google's first result page.

Fast website

No user wants to keep spending hours & hours waiting for a site to load finally. In fact, the more time it takes to load, the more the chances of them moving away from your site to something similar. You can solve this issue by working alongside an expert team to develop time-saving content capable of reducing the wait time.